Rich in cultural heritage, Cambodia is establishing itself as a world's top destination. Through all ups and downs of a turbulent history, Khmer Empire's splendor is still shining today for the world to admire.


Angkor Wat has become the symbol and soul of Cambodia for its architectural grandeur and spiritual significance. The Angkor archeological complex proves aesthetic sophistication and intellectual power of an ancient civilization that is unmatched by any other wonder of the whole world.


Cambodia is little known for its pristine nature with lush tropical jungles, idyllic lakes and gorgeous beaches. Siem Reap, Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville are all vibrant and enchanting cities while laid back villages on the banks of Tonle Sap Lake and Mekong River also makes a key appeal, especially for those who are escaping the rush.


The best time to visit Cambodia is during dry season, especially from November to March. In April and May, it gets very hot and humid, then comes the rain season through September.



Cambodia is a country of treasures: the majestic Angkor temples will put you in pure awe. Large part of the country is still made up of untouched countryside and pristine nature. Find below the best Cambodia has to offer.

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    For nature lovers and off-the-beaten-path travelers, consider the Mondulkiri, the "Wild West of Cambodia", or Ratanakiri with its sleepy Ban Lung village.

    Battambang has some best preserved French colonial architecture and amazing bamboo train. The little visited Udong offers a rare glimpse of a royal town with fascinating temples and mosque, better viewed in sunset.  Remarkably, there is an interesting fried spider market in Kompong Cham, the Skuon Market

    Kampot brings an intoxicating combination of riverside town and tranquil villages while Kep made a good base to explore the deserted islands of Koh Rong, truly hidden gems of Cambodia.


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    Cambodia not to miss: No vacation to Cambodia is complete without visiting its majestic Angkor temples, the eight wonder of the world. Both the Grand Circuit and the Small Circuit are well worth your time, and include also the mystical “1000 Linga River”- Kbal Spean (3-4days thus recommended for Siem Reap).

    Cambodia in depth: Explore Cambodia the other sides, its laid back local life and its bountiful nature. If you have time, consider Phnompenh, the city where time stands still, and Sihanoukville, the Cambodian beach retreat centre.
    The enormous Tonle Sap Lake, one of the world’s biggest fresh water lakes, and the Siem Reap countryside will give you relaxing moments in this Kingdom of Wonder.


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We had a wonderful trip to Mai Chaw, Sapa and Tam Coc. Our guides and drivers were very knowledgeable and friendly, we especially liked Mr. Qwang Do...thank you all, Visit Wonders team for organizing this wonderful trip ...

March 24, 2012